Spectrum – The Arty Remix

Arty in the DJ BoothSometimes you get a song which is just so good, that you really don’t want anyone tinkering with it. But this tinkerer just so happens to be another of those new DJ whizz-kids who goes by the name of Arty.

Originally produced by German DJ Zedd, and featuring the heart-felt vocals of Matthew Koma, ‘Spectrum’ with its blend of club beats and poppy melodies was one of the biggest EDM hits of 2012.

What Arty brings to the table is a much heavier and more club friendly embellishment. A crunching electro-beat swirls around the lyrics before the track slows down, allowing Arty to amp up the lyrics and add his lashings of heavy synth to emphasise the passionate chorus of “we’ll run where lights won’t chase us, hide where love can save us, I will never  let you go” and then builds up once more for a final, thunderous drop.

This is the sort of stuff that will make a crowd go crazy and I would happily count myself in.

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