Top 10 Tracks For 2013: No 8 The Killers – Shot At The Night

The KIllers - Shot at the night

The Killers sign off from their first, and hopefully not last, decade with a huge anthem recorded specially for their ‘Direct Hits’ album.

Produced by M83′s Anthony Gonzalez, who adds his signature blend of electro synth-pop to the track, ‘Shot at the night’ is coupled with a sweet video which tells the Cinderallaesque story of one magical night in Las Vegas.

The song sounds much like an 80’s power-ballad, with a powerful chorus, heavy electronic drum beats and shimmering synths all accompanying Brandon Flowers’ heartfelt pleas for his girl to “give me a shot at the night”.

I saw The Killers perform in London for a special one-off show to celebrate the release of ‘Direct Hits’ and it’s clear that ‘Shot at the night’ would feel right at home in a stadium. The song had only been premiered a few weeks before the show, but the audience sung along to every word and triumphantly pumped their fists in the air as Brandon Flowers belted out the chorus with pure bombast.

It could be a while before The Killers come back, but ‘Shot at the night’ leaves us filled with great expectations for the second decade of The Killers. Don’t leave it too long…

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